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- A Nomadic Family of Five -

Meander - To follow a winding course

Fitting for us, as we are not constantly and quickly moving, rather we are meandering through the world. Aimlessly making our way forwards – and backwards. Our logo represents our meandering, our twisting course to nowhere. Unintentionally we managed to subtly incorporate an ‘M’ and a ‘W’ in our aimlessly curved line, lucky us.

Over time our lives turned into the mundane. We work, the kids go to daycare, we come home, eat dinner, and sleep. Wake up and repeat. Normal life is great – stable, comfortable – but we felt that we wanted more. We decided that we are willing to risk loosing the predictability of everyday life, in an effort to experience more. More places, more cultures, more friendships, more happiness, more sadness. More of everything.

We hope that we can be your inspiration to live the life you want, regardless of if your choice is nomadic or not.


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What are we doing, and why?

A Digital Nomad is someone who is not tied to one place geographically, often facilitated by working digitally – all they need is their laptop and an internet connection. They are free – and choose – to continually roam around the world, often to exotic places, creating beautiful Instagram feeds.

As nomadic family we need to consider a couple extra parameters. Traveling as a family of five gets expensive, so we can’t be flying to new places each week. Furthermore we want to immerse ourselves in different cultures, and that takes time. We love traveling for vacation, but continually be in vacation-mode won’t be sustainable for us right now. Instead, we plan to live in places for between one and three months. We think that will be sufficient time for all of us to learn about the place, culture, people, and food, and get to experience life as a ‘local’ wherever we are, even if we are fully aware that thoroughly becoming a local takes years.


After years of collecting material things and owning houses and cars, there were many things to get rid of. It’s hard to sell one’s life. Posting everything on local for-sale channels and then haggling with people who are buying a ‘thing’ that has been a part of your life for some time is draining. Emotionally it’s hard to let go, but we decided that this would be our only option. We went from a house – with a garage and outhouse also full of stuff – down to one big suitcase and a carry-on each. There are some things that we just couldn’t sell – things that hold an insane amount of emotional value – and we realized that there are some papers (taxes and other business papers) that we have to keep for a couple of years. For this we enlisted the help of family who had some storage space left over.

Without material things to consider, we can benefit from a minimalist life with a focus on experiences and more time to spend together, as a family. It makes us extremely flexible, yet also puts our planning abilities to the test, since when our time in one place is up we need to have prepared for what comes next.